During the COVID-19 pandemic, Credera's recruiting team lost their ability to meet in person with potential hires. Because they are in a highly competitive industry, they decided to send a custom kit as soon as an offer was extended with the hope that the impactful products would generate excitement about the possibility of employment.

Direct to Homes with an Impact

As these kits were drop shipping directly to potential hires homes, we wanted the items to have a high perceived value and make an immediate and visual impact. We selected a bluetooth speaker with customization options, a retail brand insulated mug, and a retail brand journal, all packaged together with a signed note in a custom box.

I have been working with INM for several years and have had nothing but great customer service and quality products!

Warm Welcome!

We were able to help with the art creation and unique elements of the boxes and speakers in addition to helping find products that would be useful and appealing to the college graduates. INM fulfilled the kits and shipped weekly over the course of six weeks. Credera's recruitment and leadership team were very pleased, and these kits have made a strong impact with potential hires.

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