With a new intern class coming on-board during the COVID-19 pandemic, Corgan was facing the challenge of moving their highly sought after internship program online. Since in-person meetings and introductions wouldn't be possible, they wanted something tangible to welcome the interns, highlight the company culture, and elevate the virtual program.

Curating the Contents

We decided on a custom kit that could be drop shipped to each intern's residence. The final kit included a reusable water bottle and t-shirt packaged in a custom box. These items were thoughtfully chosen; the water bottle signified their ongoing commitment to sustainability and the environment, the t-shirt is a tradition for each intern class, and the custom box utilized graphics to clarify their firm's concept, "Agility In Design".

There is something to be said for working with a vendor that takes the time to understands your brand and needs, has a pulse on latest trends and makes the process easy.

A Warm {Remote} Welcome!

All items were packaged in our warehouse and shipped to interns across the country to arrive by their online training day. Corgan's Talent Acquisition team was very excited about these kits and felt they were "the perfect 'Welcome to Corgan' kit". The interns were equally excited and created a buzz on social media posting pictures as they received their kits in the mail. Corgan will be looking to implement a similar on-boarding kit for all firm new hires in the future.

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