It’s time to start thinking about welcoming employees back to the office (anyone else hearing the “Welcome Back, Mr. Kotter” theme song in their head right now?).  back to the office

While the thought of returning to [a new] normal is thrilling, there are also a number of complications that make the process a bit more nuanced than just throwing the doors wide open. A recent Envoy survey revealed that while most employees are eager to return to work (90%), those same employees also have significant concerns about their companies’ ability to enforce safety protocols rendering them ineffective.

We may be ready to roll out the welcome mat at the office, but we need to tread lightly in doing so. Having a strategic return to work plan is key, and this plan needs to be unique as your employees and culture.

Here are a just a few important things to keep in mind in creating an effective plan and hospitable environment for all:

  • Office size and design – Do you have appropriate space for employees to space out as desired?
    • Individual offices vs. cubicles
    • Conference room and collaborative meeting space size
  • Safety protocols – What requirements are going to be asked of employees (and yep, we can even help with branded PPE)?
      • Mask policy
      • Sanitization stations
      • Exposure prevention (click HERE to see OSHA’s recommendations on controlling and preventing cases)
  • Specific local requirements and conditions
  • Welcome back gifts – Check out a few of our “Welcome Back” kit examples HERE along with some popular safety items for returning to work.

In addition to accommodating employee’s different comfort levels and helping all employees feel safe, companies will also have to navigate the changing workforce model since, like it or not, hybrid environments are here to stay!

According to New Future Forum, only 17% of workers want a return to full-time in-office work, while 20% want to continue working remotely full time. A majority, 63%, want a mixture of the two.

All of that being said, welcome back gifts are one of the best and most important ways to help ease the transition back. Don’t underestimate the power of promo and its ability to generate enthusiasm, evoke positive emotions, and communicate specific messaging and important information.

Not sure where to start?
That’s actually the easy part – because you’ve got a panel of promo experts at your beck-and-call to curate the perfect assortment on your behalf.

Let’s do this!