Apparel Sizing? No Problem! (anymore)

Many of our clients incorporate some sort of employee program that includes branded apparel. That’s no surprise to us, as two of the top categories for branded swag are t-shirts and outerwear.

Nevertheless, it’s always been considered a risky endeavor – “stay away from apparel” they say, ” we don’t want to mess with sizes.”

We get it. We’ve been sourcing wearables from newborn to 7XL for years – no size left behind, right?

So what’s the most efficient way to offer multiple sizes while including everyone and not being stuck with a bunch of leftovers?

An online shop.

The design can be quick and simple, or custom and robust – it’s up to you. But in general:

  1. We create your shop
  2. Your designated recipients order what they want (or…whatever you want to give them access to, because we can set limits on that)
  3. We place a bulk order (drop shipments optional) or fulfill from pre-purchased inventory stored in our warehouse

That’s it. They pick the size that works best for them, and we do the rest on your behalf.

The world is such a miraculous place when everyone wins.

Even better, you actually have a few options when considering an apparel shop. Click on the image below for a quick comparison chart between the three shop types.

For more detailed information on each specific shop type, including case studies for each, check out our blog post “Online Shops: Finding the Right Fit.”

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