You may have already seen seasonal decorations in the stores – everything from Thanksgiving decor to even Christmas trees and ornaments. Yes, at first thought it’s WAY too early, but it’s the certainly indicative of how important the upcoming holidays will be.

This year, more than any in the recent past, people want to experience the traditional warmth and peace that come with the seasons of gratitude. Surprisingly, many retail stores that are typically open during holidays are closing their doors during peak holiday shopping hours in order to allow their employees to spend quality time with their loved ones. That’s a first in 20 years for some retailers, but they realize it’s critical this year. Being together is critical…well, dense crowds really aren’t appealing to the current social distancing and masked population, so there’s that.

We’ve already been working diligently with many clients on what that means for corporate gifting. Where they have budgeted for a holiday event, we are helping with a creative shift to shipping gratitude gifts to each employee’s remote location – and as humble brag, we’re actually getting pretty darn good at it! Instead of groups of people coming together for one big event, we are able to take those funds and reallocate them by sending the holidays to each participant. They get excited, WE get excited, it’s just pretty exciting to look at it from a different perspective and come up with solutions that work for each individual scenario.

Sometimes, it means creating an online store for a corporate holiday shopping experience where employees order a gift from pre-selected trendy merchandise. That might sound super cumbersome, but we build these stores daily and offer it as part of our marketing services.

With the holiday season requiring a bit more pizzazz this year, keep an eye on our blog as we continue to post more tips and examples of how to create a memorable and personal holiday experience for your entire corporate family – employees and clients alike!