Today is World Down Syndrome Day!

Here at INM, we’re making a conscious effort to celebrate differences and push for a more inclusive environment.

There are so many different and wonderful groups of people to celebrate. So, why are we celebrating World Down Syndrome Day specifically? I’m so glad you asked!

We asked Amber Kotschi, our Director of Business Development, to share her story and tell you a little more…

Fun fact – WDSD is on 3/21 because people with Down Syndrome have 3 copies (one extra one) of their 21st chromosome. I know this because my sassy, independent, loving, 4-year-old, Georgia, has Down Syndrome. When she was born four years ago, I had very little knowledge about or exposure to people with Down Syndrome. But God’s truly amazing gift of a child with special needs has completely changed my perspective on life. It’s taught me about the importance of inclusion and being connected to people that are different from us. It’s taught me to slow down and enjoy small moments, and most importantly, it’s taught me that all people are worthy of a beautiful life where they can be loved and pursue their dreams. It’s like Verna Myers so wonderfully put it, “diversity is being asked to the party – inclusion is being asked to dance.

So, as Georgia’s mom, I believe the best thing I can do for her is to shout her worth with every platform God’s given me and create conversations and awareness about Down Syndrome and the importance of inclusion. I’m just lucky enough to work for a company that doesn’t only support me but also elevates my voice by utilizing their own platforms to do so.

So, today, we are celebrating World Down Syndrome Day to support people like Amber and Georgia. To foster a community that uplifts others. To be inclusive.

Inclusion looks different in the various aspects of our lives. In the workplace, it can mean ensuring every employee has the opportunity to have their voice heard, feel a sense of ownership, and contribute to the bigger picture. When you foster an inclusive environment, you’re opening the door for your team to feel heard, which creates a level of excitement and autonomy, both of which are important to sustain growth and progressive thinking. By providing the platform for your team to voice their views, it affords you the opportunity to see things in an entirely different light and prevents thought processes from becoming stale.

At INM, inclusion has become increasingly more important. We want it to positively affect the lives of our team, both at work and at home. So today, we celebrate the differences of others. We celebrate those individuals with Down Syndrome. Because different ≠ less.